Novade MiC Quality
Management Solution

Improve Productivity | Enhance Quality Control | Get Insights​​

Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) is starting to be widely adopted in the local construction sector for enhancing quality control and in turn improving productivity, safety & sustainability.

Are you ready to let go of existing paper-based RFI processes & digitalize the entire MiC workflows to keep close track of each stage from project design, seeking statutory approval, production of modules in factories, transportation of modules to site and eventually to on-site installation/assembly ?

The Solution ​​

Novade Quality Management Module helps you digitalise all MiC processes faster & smarter​​

Build your own Quality Forms

Configure your workflows exactly as you need them

Manage your QA/QC Process, NCRs and Quality Observations​​

Manage multiple inspections easily in a single request – create, link, and monitor using Request for Work Inspection (RFWI)

Create and deploy your Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs)

Manage your hold/witness points easily with progressive approval of assurance packs

Novade supports popular OS used in PRC including Harmony, which facilitates usage in Mainland Pre-cast factories

Novade Platform is scalable & robust, you can extend usage from MiC to other major site applications including Concreting Quality Management, Material-on-Site and eventually from Construction to Handover.

Through dashboards, project stakeholders can monitor the entire project progress & follow through to ensure not only quality compliance but also adherence to the target completion, transportation & assembly schedules

Customer Success Story

See how some of our major customers implemented Novade MiC Quality Management Solution & successfully completed the below 2 iconic projects

" We indeed feel proud of implementing Novade platform in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park's Innocell, which is known as a MiC pioneer project in the territory. Not only we are very impressed about how the Platform helps us fully digitise the MiC workflows for enhanced efficiency & productivity, but also satisfied with the support services from Spatial Technology all the way from thorough understanding of our solution requirements, well-defining the workflows, fine-tuning the setups with agility to hand-holding our team for successful adoption"

Hip Hing Construction - Michele Lui, Project Manager

Please visit and watch the China Road & Bridge story