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China Rail & Bridge

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China Rail & Bridge

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) has beenat the forefront of smart construction. Through the application of innovation and advanced technology, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), artificial intelligence systems, and prefabrication construction methods, CRBC has escalated teh efficiency and productivity of our projects to another level. We ave enageged multiple channels to look for suitable products to further implement the concept of smart construction. The pre-approved list of tje Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) saves us much effort on data research. Under the CITF's funding support, CRBC has adopted Spatial Technology's "Novade Digital Site Supervision System", one of the the pre-approved solutions, in the Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Link Project (NE/2017/07). It was applied to manage the whole process from production and assembly in the Mainland to transportation and finally installation in Hong Kong.


Big Data Collection to Enhance Site Operation Management

The main struction of Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Link comprises 84 prefabricatied segments, which involves some 2 600 componenets. With Novade, our engineering team can effectively capture and monitor such large amount of data. Instant tracking can also be done on quality inspection, defects rectification and project progress update regardless of when and where our teams are. Moreover, site managers can retrieve information from customised data analysis through dashboards and download the real-time progress summary report anytime anywhere, thus enhancing our project management capabilities.

collaborative Information Sharing, No Matter When or Where

Through Novade, all project data and analysis are synchronised real time with the cloud. Advanced data and picture compression technology makes information transmission faster and more reliable. Even in an enviornment with poort Wi-Fi singals, offline mode is available to ensure uninterrupted operation. Stakeholders in both Hong Kong and the Mainland can share real-time data anytime via computers or mobile devices, thus enhancing collaboration between the two places and achieving more effective cross-region monitoring and management.


Data Security, Flawless SUpervision

Novade assures us of data security, confidentiality, integrity and monitoring. All project data is collected, processed and communicated in this centralised supervision system. Once teh data is submitted and recorded, it cannot be altered. The system will automatically keep audited records and system logs to ensure data traceability.

Go Green, Paperless and Automation

Novade helps CRBC further realise the vision of "Go Green" in construction sites- paperless workflow for inspection form drafting, submission and approval via online portal.

To conclude, digitising on-site supervision helps boost productivity, improve efficienct and advance project delivery. CRBC will continue to embrace innovation and advanced technology so as to accelerate the development of smart construction.